Friday 27 November 2015



You keep on fling the charges against your beloved wife like:-
Charges of Perjury
Charges of Malicious Prosecution
Charges for NOT attending mediation
Charges of Extortion
Charges THIS
Charges THAT
etc etc etc etc

BUT unless you press the charges , your charges will be no more than waste paper.& such counter allegations will keep sleeping in the piles of case file alongwith mosquitoes & your miseries.

So, kindly get up & learn the art of

how to press charges of perjury 

if you filed perjury charges against your beloved wife, then on next date you need to file an application or prayer vis-a-vis to press the charges or pressing charges against the accused who did wrong to you or did wrong to the court. you need to remind the court that in a singing tone . . . . lol  . . . that
an application has been filed up
but your honor you have piled up
pls pull the books
& give that application some looks
pls take some action
if not like michael jackson
its your duty
oh my judiciary's beauty
to take some action at this juncture
instead of making my application's puncture

now after that your application will be pulled up & charges will be pressed.
kindly go through internet & read about some people like nilesh ojha, kamwani, khosla, bhushan, swamy & the like... why are they being praised.
It's because they are pressing charges. they know that neither they nor their applications should sit/lie idle.

So friends, kindly learn the art to press the charges against those where you want some action.

Law is extremely fair.
When you goto Crime Against Women Cell then just keep one thing in mind i.e., it is Crime Against Men Cell. You need to accustom your mind to make it believe that everything is fair & if after that you just keep moving is right direction then even the crime against women cell will file charges against that women who came before them to file false charges thereby abusing the process of the court.

Be Confident & Happy Fighting SOCIAL STIGMA on you & family !!!

Thanks & Regards